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block letters

  • block letter, number, or symbol

  • table top

letters can be reserved individually for display purposes, or with a table top to be used as a table

flower letters, numbers, and shapes (six foot tall)

  • flower letters

  • flower numbers 

  • flower symbols

  • flower shapes

all letters, numbers, shapes, and symbols can be reserved individually or as a combination 


donut walls & displays

  • donut wall 

    • each wall holds 36 to 72 donuts​

    • comes in acrylic, gold or silver

  • donut display​

    • range in sizes and capacity​

    • comes in acrylic and wood finish

all donut displays do not include donuts


bridal outfit display

  • bride & groom displays

  • mannequin display for dress or tux

  • plinth for accessory and shoe display

  • frame that can be customized with greenery and flowers

all displays can be customized with a backdrop

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